So, a couple of days have passed now, actually more like a week. Sorry. With summer quickly approaching, production at work has started to pick up big time; I pulled a nearly seventy hour work week. In other words, I’ve been through the grinder but, I haven’t forgotten about you guys and gals. Even with the kind of week I’ve had, when I got home I was going through the box, trying to make sense of all of the papers in there. My girlfriend isn’t terribly pleased with my new obsession but, hey, this is too big to pass up. There’s something in these papers.

Anyways, unlike the previous post, I’m not drunk and I’m actually back up north, I live around Bangor. I wrote the above, or something near enough to it, for myself at first. I’ve always done that, writing as an outward projection of my thoughts. It’s how I keep my thoughts organized in a useful way; cementing them into a logical sequence for later use.

Now, like I’ve written before I already have the other blog but, after reading a couple of these papers, I thought I needed to share this in its own place. My blog is far too unfocused for this. It deserves a place that is without the mess and distraction that my previous blog would surely provide; a place of reverence and discovery. I don’t know. I just feel like this is something important. I don’t want to muck it up with too much “me” getting in the way of it.

I won’t bore you with too much of that stuff, my feelings and whatnot, not here anyways.

Alright, on to the good stuff. The box is a dusty mess, definitely been through the ringer; complete with water stains, tears, fraying tape and what I guess are bite marks from a small rodent. It looks like the boxes up in Grandma’s attic, you know the ones, torn to shreds and filled with a nest fit for squirrel. However, the papers inside—while still aged and having suffered their own personal torments over the years—are rather well preserved. A good lot of them are still readable. Others, though, have succumb to the years or been censored or even painted over.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself and you, I’m sure. As far as I’ve been able to surmise, all of these papers are from the same year, 1954. There might be some that aren’t, there are literally hundreds of documents here, all in varying states of decay; the whole box weighs a good ten pounds.

Like I wrote in the last post, the Maine State Seal is on a lot of them and those that have that seal seem to all come from the State Police! My guess is that these are records from that year or something. There are a bunch of them and it’s gonna take me a bit to get it all organized, especially given the state of some of them.

Things do pop out, however. There does seem to be a lot of weird shit that happened that year. It’s all broken up, disjointed, plenty of pieces but no clear image yet. Still the few that I’ve been able to read and understand mention missing persons, a fire and other, weirder things. I don’t want to spoil it, giving you just the pieces before I’ve had time to put them in order. It’s gonna be a bit and you’ll need to be patient but, I think there’s something more, something—I don’t want to say “great” but, I feel it—here that I need to share.

But, I know I can’t just tell you all about the find and how cool it is and then write “just trust me.” So, I brought the cleanest looking sheet of the lot to work and used their scanner. I’ll put a copy of it here on this post as well as making a library of all the others I think are cool or relevant.


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