One Horse Town

I just had to share.

While the “kind” old lady at the Archives was helpful, to a degree, she wasn’t allowed nor willing to give me the information I was really after, Detective Fionnbarra’s address. Luckily, my time in the archives wasn’t a complete waste. With her Troop found, followed by my assumption that she lived within its jurisdiction, I’ve been able to search through some old phone books from Augusta and there’s promise here. Oh God is there promise.

I know it’s not at all likely that I’ll find Anna herself. Though, if I’m honest, I like to imagine meeting her, perhaps sitting across from me beyond some threshold, frail in age but not spirit.

No, that’s not gonna happen. But, I do feel that I will find something. Maybe something important. Something related to this box, these papers or even to Anna. That would be the best outcome, I think. Or, even to meet her son or grandson, given the time that has passed. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

With an old phone book and perhaps too much time spent sat on the toilet at work flipping through its pages, I’ve found her! Or, rather, I have found her old home, I think. Really it depends on just how many “A. Fionnbarra”s there were in and around Augusta at the time. In total I’ve got a half dozen potential places lined up. That’s not too many, I don’t think, especially when they’re all around the same city. Imagine if I were able to ask her directly about all of…this. I know that I’m writing ahead of your reading, that there are some things that I know by virtue of being the one to have found the box that you, the reader, are not privy to. All I can say, or write, is that this is worse than just kidnapping.

Anyways, I’ve tried calling them to little success; a couple of hang-ups before I had a chance to really explain myself, a couple of disconnected lines and some plain old missed calls where it just kept ringing and ringing, that maddening sound pulling me deeper into the phone with each beat of its shrill cry. I waited on those a long time, is what I mean. Trying different times of day didn’t work either. The connection was there but noBody was there to pick it up.

No matter. I’ve got the addresses and Augusta isn’t so far away. I might even stop by a certain bagel place again.

I will report on my findings upon my return back up north.

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