Friends, Doctors and Floor Managers

With all of the drama lately, as well as the reduced access to a scanner, thanks boss, I haven’t been updating you fine folks on the progress of Anna’s investigation. 

These three documents, attached below, were tucked underneath some others, nearer the bottom of the pile. They’re each titled “Supplementary Report Form”. The reports themselves are rather dry, just the facts squeezed onto the page, hastily and mechanicaly typed by some typist before moving on the next stack of papers. The notes, though, they’re a different story, I fairly certain that they’re penned by Anna and Clarence; rickety rafts that have carried their thought processes, all the way through the sixty years of separation.  


There you finally are! One Mr. Justin Jackson and he was on “friendly terms” with our dear Adam Cooper. Furthermore, he was missing from work at the time of Adam’s running from the Staties.  

So, J.J. was a coworker at the mill and, from the sounds of it, a possible devotee of a unique religious group; the very same travelling congregation as Adam. A congregation that meets in the forest. That’s a bit different from how I had imagined it. Less spectacle, more subterfuge. Why meet in the woods? I suppose there are practical concerns, it’ll cost less to meet outside, no need to pay for a building. But, it also makes it much easier to hide. There’s no physical address to search for or a phone to call. And all of that begs the question, what might one be doing that requires hiding?  

Think of it. A religious group meeting in the backwoods of Maine in the 1950’s. Didn’t the KKK meet up like that; burning crosses and beating their chests at the idea of progress? I know the Klan was at least visiting Maine back in the day. Hell, they even rallied up here a few years back. Some ugliness remains hidden amongst the needles of the Pine Tree State. 

Could the Coopers have been part of the Klan? And, if so, what would that have to do with their son gone missing? I know the Klan are fucked in the head but, I don’t think they do anything to kids, at least not the white ones. 

Lastly, how do we reconcile or piece in the “Good Samaritan”? I suppose he could have been the foreman at the mill, Mr. MacMahon. I imagine he would have been less likely to have been covered in sawdust, as well as the first to pass the good news of a coming child to Adam Cooper. But, as obvious a conclusion as that seems to be, I haven’t come across any notes to suggest that Anna and Clarence had thought that to be the case. 

Could the “Good Samaritan” be a wizard? No, not like from Hogwarts. I mean like a Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK, driving one of his flock to the hospital, doing a kindness unto one of his own. I’m not sure, right now. I need to look up what the Klan might have been doing up here back then.  

I’ll leave it at that for tonight, my hand is tired and cramping from all of this typing.  

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