One Horse Town

I just had to share. While the “kind” old lady at the Archives was helpful, to a degree, she wasn’t allowed nor willing to give me the information I was really after, Detective Fionnbarra’s address. Luckily, my time in the archives wasn’t a complete waste. With her Troop found, followed by my assumption that she […]

Pant Suit

A bit of a break away from the original format today, there are no reports to be posted. That is, there are still many more to be posted in the near future but, not this time. I had some thoughts I had started to scribble down in my notebook before realizing the value of sharing […]

Agitated & Hostile

Hey, long time no post, eh? Absolutely not what I was planning but, like I’ve said or written before, it is crunch-time at work. With the summer months no-longer quickly approaching but actually here, there are too many orders to keep up with. Not a bad thing for the business but, for any side projects, […]

The Coopers

Given the limited time I have and the potential importance of the material here, I think that I may have written too much in the previous post. Specifically, I wasted a lot of our time writing about Laura and the bullshit that that was dredged up in the wake of her tousled hair and scathing […]

Williams from Winslow

Okay, my girl is out, hanging with her mom for a few hours. They’re likely talking shit about me but, whether or not she is, she’s still not here to pull my attention away. It seems like all we’ve been doing for a little while now is bickering and avoiding each other. I say one […]


Damn, it’s taking longer than either myself or, I’m sure, you appreciate for me to get through all of this. Still, I’m nowhere near having the whole of the documents fully organized. At first I broke them all up into months; that’s when I noticed that this was not representative of the whole of 1954’s […]


So, a couple of days have passed now, actually more like a week. Sorry. With summer quickly approaching, production at work has started to pick up big time; I pulled a nearly seventy hour work week. In other words, I’ve been through the grinder but, I haven’t forgotten about you guys and gals. Even with […]

Roller Coaster

So, the reason for a whole new site, a new blog, a new path really. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First I need to write a little about what exactly I was doing that led to this. Like I’ve written about before, in my old blog, I like to explore places. Usually it’s […]