The Box

It’s daylight. Sleep has come in and out, as have I. There’s no helping it, short of bumming some meth off of some college kid. Coffee will do. Lights stay on. Laura is avoiding me, she hasn’t come home in a couple days.   I’m still going through the new find, Anna’s journal, it’ll be a little bit before I have the […]


Holy fucking shit! I don’t even know where to begin with these ones. They’re bizarre and terrifying. And the censorship is something else, though kind of useless when one of the reports is without it. I guess the facts are as good a place to start as any so, I won’t keep you fine folks waiting while I wildly speculate.   As it reads in the reports, Anna and Clarence were on a stakeout, eating rubbish […]

Friends, Doctors and Floor Managers

With all of the drama lately, as well as the reduced access to a scanner, thanks boss, I haven’t been updating you fine folks on the progress of Anna’s investigation.  These three documents, attached below, were tucked underneath some others, nearer the bottom of the pile. They’re each titled “Supplementary Report Form”. The reports themselves are rather dry, just the facts squeezed […]

Agitated & Hostile

Hey, long time no post, eh? Absolutely not what I was planning but, like I’ve said or written before, it is crunch-time at work. With the summer months no-longer quickly approaching but actually here, there are too many orders to keep up with. Not a bad thing for the business but, for any side projects, […]

The Coopers

Given the limited time I have and the potential importance of the material here, I think that I may have written too much in the previous post. Specifically, I wasted a lot of our time writing about Laura and the bullshit that that was dredged up in the wake of her tousled hair and scathing […]