Her words

As you can see, I cracked open the firebox, I was right to have gone back. It’s her, in her own writing. A lot of it is just like the stuff I’ve posted along with these, thoughts or musings on what she was doing as a police officer, or at least they are at the beginning. Half way through it changes. The existential passages are still there […]

One Horse Town

I just had to share. While the “kind” old lady at the Archives was helpful, to a degree, she wasn’t allowed nor willing to give me the information I was really after, Detective Fionnbarra’s address. Luckily, my time in the archives wasn’t a complete waste. With her Troop found, followed by my assumption that she […]

Pant Suit

A bit of a break away from the original format today, there are no reports to be posted. That is, there are still many more to be posted in the near future but, not this time. I had some thoughts I had started to scribble down in my notebook before realizing the value of sharing […]