About Me

Hey everyone, it’s me Henry. While a few of you might know me from my old site, I thought that after this last little excursion of mine, well, this begs for its own place of discovery. But, we’ll get to that in the future. First I need to organize it all, make sense of it, for myself and then try to make it presentable for you all.

Anyways, for those of you that are new, I am something of an explorer. Not like Columbus or Marco Polo following the stars or anything like that but, I do like falling into hidden and forgotten worlds, even if they’re really just abandoned train yards.

Whenever I can spare a moment away from my work, my girlfriend and other things, I grab my camera and drive. Sometimes that’s all I do but, other times if I find something along my route, sometimes I end up inside places.

Not that I do it for gold and glory but, every place I’ve gone into was accompanied by that almost inescapable thought, “What will I find?” Usually the answer is broken glass, piss-soaked boards and graffiti written on the walls. I can’t expect treasure but, I can’t shake hope.

But, then again, maybe this was meant to be found.

Well, this is the place. This is the place where hope and luck and a bizarre find all come to a head. Stay tuned, there’s plenty to go around.


~ Henry

I don’t use it much, outside of sharing these posts and a few photos but, feel free to follow me on Twitter.




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