The Box

It’s daylight. Sleep has come in and out, as have I. There’s no helping it, short of bumming some meth off of some college kid. Coffee will do. Lights stay on. Laura is avoiding me, she hasn’t come home in a couple days.   I’m still going through the new find, Anna’s journal, it’ll be a little bit before I have the […]

Her words

As you can see, I cracked open the firebox, I was right to have gone back. It’s her, in her own writing. A lot of it is just like the stuff I’ve posted along with these, thoughts or musings on what she was doing as a police officer, or at least they are at the beginning. Half way through it changes. The existential passages are still there […]


I had hoped that they would have not been there, gone to movies or shopping or just out, giving me an opportunity to avoid a confrontation. Just one fucking hour without “Judge Judy” vomiting her brand of vitriol into the living room but no. At the very least, he wasn’t there with all of the base intellect and pudgy limbs to get in my way. It was […]


I woke in a panic, sitting there keyed up straining to hear what may have been the cause for my interrupted slumber. The sun was already down and everything felt hollow. The living room, the still night through the windows, the dull throb of existence in my bones; it all felt off as if it had all been reset, recast, repopulated.  There was no time to think about it, […]


Hey all, sorry for the little interruption. I’ve been exhausted and stressed as of late. At the brewery, I put in for overnights again. I don’t want to be asleep these days, defenseless when it’s dark out. Shadows are where potential rests and things hide, curled and tense waiting in ambush to reach out from behind. The shadows are still there, of course; they’re there […]


So, a couple of days have passed now, actually more like a week. Sorry. With summer quickly approaching, production at work has started to pick up big time; I pulled a nearly seventy hour work week. In other words, I’ve been through the grinder but, I haven’t forgotten about you guys and gals. Even with […]

Roller Coaster

So, the reason for a whole new site, a new blog, a new path really. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First I need to write a little about what exactly I was doing that led to this. Like I’ve written about before, in my old blog, I like to explore places. Usually it’s […]